Research focus

The focus of research in Biomaterials lies on the modification and improvement of implant materials as well as the development and testing of new and innovative materials. All studies are made for developing improved and functional implant materials which improve and preserve the life quality of the patient.

A spectrum of methods were developed and established in a variety of projects financed by third – party donors such as the “Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft” (DFG) which helped answering questions regarding implant materials such mechanical stability and biocompatibility. An important part of the research is degradable implant materials, i.e. implant materials which dissolve in the body without trace after they served their function. With this the patient saves a second operation and possible issues which can develop due to the stay of foreign materials are decreased. Besides of in vitro studies of degradation behavior, cell compatibility and the review of necessary functionality of the degrading implants with biomechanical methods, imaging and histological methods are used to confirm the biocompatibility in vivo. For this a longstanding and successful animal testing experience and various animal models are drawn on. Priorities have noninvasive proof methods such as fluorescence imaging systems to study inflammatory reactions to foreign materials and the In – vivo – Mikro – CT scanners in cooperation with the “Institut für Versuchstierkunde” of the MHH.


  • histological work on soft and hart tissue
  • Embedding in paraffin and production of paraffin slices
  • Embedding of Technovit 9100 und production of Technovit slices
  • Classic histological dye with dye stuffs
  • Dye of anti-bodies
  • Enzymhistochemical dyes
  • In – Situ hybridtisation
  • Semi quantitative determination of standardized bone parameters
  • Histologic and electro chemical dialysis of metals
  • Microscopical evaluation und foto dokumenation of the dying by
    • Light microscopy
    • Darkfield microscopy
    • Phase contrast observation
    • Fluorescence microscopy
    • Polarization microscopy
    • Direct light microscopy 

Services & Methods

In-vitro tests

  • Eudiometry
  • Determination of  degradation rate in vitro of degradable materials
  • Biomechanical testing of implants
    • in specific intervals
    • in cyclic tests
  • Determination of enzyme activity
  • Determination of proteins
  • Cell culture tests


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